The Positive Group

As I move into the second half of my life, I have started to take on a more serious view of what my life’s assignment is and what I should do for the current and next generation. Men of influence like Dave Hodgson and Dominic Russo, who live purposefully and who believe in the impossible, or even my personal homegrown heroes like Khaw Yean Thye and Tracey Chan, who have shown dedication and selfless sacrifice, taught me about living. That my life is not the culmination of my personal ambition, success, mistakes and even my failures.

It is about leaving a legacy that positively impacts people for the better. It is about grace, about second chances, about opportunities that were never there before, about giving people fair leverage.

And because of this, we started The Positive Group, a collective of social and commercial initiatives with a common mission of giving people the power to become better. It comprises of:

  • POSITIVE – a platform that we can curate, write and broadcast stories that inspire people to do good (
  • POSITIVELINKS – our recruitment initiative which we first started 7 years ago (
  • POSITIVEX – a platform that equips people, both personally and professionally, to give their best in life (coming soon!)

This journey has just started for the team and me.


Marcus Koh, The Positive Group