How To Teach Design Thinking To Kids

By Ben Chong

Just last week, Positive X held its very first Design Thinking For Youths workshop at Me.Reka Makerspace. We had an amazing time teaching children and teens the process of empathy, ideation, and turning their ideas into reality. Our workshop helped Young Makers realise the importance of Design Thinking, and how to use it in their future.

Check out our video below to peek how we taught Design Thinking at the workshop!



Want to know more about what we did at the workshop? Check out our blog post where we broke down the process: Design Thinking For Youths: Teaching Kids Real-World Problem Solving.

Positive X is a people development firm that equips talents with design, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking and skills. Our Young Makers programmes aim to transform kids with Design Thinking and cutting edge education into powerful innovators. You can know more about us at

This article was written by Ben Chong, our resident Design Thinking enthusiast and creative.

Edited by Ben Chong.

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